Transaction Monitoring & Web Application Testing

CA App Synthetic Monitor Transaction Monitoring (also referred to as 'scripting', 'functional testing' or 'web application testing') checks the behavior of your site and identifies exactly where bottle necks or problems occur. Transaction Monitoring ensures you know how your customers experience your site when they interact with it from different locations.

Perfect functionality

"Your site is up, but does it always work?

Root Cause Analysis for multi-step transaction monitoring

Transaction monitoring scripts can be used to identify a wide variety of possible issues, from slow page response times to monitoring the behavior of forms such as login pages and shopping carts. Transaction monitoring scripts can also be used to monitor a full range of APIs.

Transaction monitoring scripts should be run from a global infrastructure. Without using a worldwide network of monitoring stations you cannot accurately predict how your site behaves when customers interact with it from locations all around the world. CA App Synthetic Monitor enables you to easily upload your transaction monitoring scripts from your desktop and run them using our global infrastructure of 60+ monitoring stations.

The performance of individual scripting steps can be viewed in your CA App Synthetic Monitor customer console. Waterfall charts allow you to inspect slow loading elements, verify server response headers, etc. while our Root Cause Analysis details the performance breakdown of individual steps or page loads in replayed transactions.

Product Features

  • Sample scripts and access to our open source Loadrunner to JMX script via the CA App Synthetic Monitor script repository
  • Up to 40 steps and 2MB of bandwidth per script execution, every five minutes
  • Support for Apache JMeter
  • Support for monitoring APIs and their HTTP responses
  • Waterfall charts
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Script results in standard HAR format
  • Variables from XML and HTML responses using XPath or regular expressions
  • The ability to reuse the same script to monitor multiple environments

To get started with Transaction Monitoring, check that your CA App Synthetic Monitor monitoring plan supports one or more script monitors and download the scripting tutorial below. Record a script on your desktop using the JMeter tool. Finally, create a new 'script' monitor in your CA App Synthetic Monitor account and upload the script.

Scripting Tutorial

Read an illustrated tutorial below, which explains how to:

  • Record a script using the JMeter tool
  • Upload scripts into your CA App Synthetic Monitor account
  • Check the execution of scripts in the CA App Synthetic Monitor log viewer

Read Scripting Tutorial


For advanced scripting, CA App Synthetic Monitor supports Apache JMeter. JMeter is written in Java and runs on many platforms, including Windows, Mac OS and Linux. CA App Synthetic Monitor is testing new versions of JMeter and uses them as soon as possible to run script monitors, there is an option in the monitor settings where the user can define the exact version to execute his script with, with the latest supported version being the default selection. JMeter can be downloaded from:
The maximum size of a JMeter script that can be uploaded to CA App Synthetic Monitor is 2MB
Please note that if you try to upload a script built with an unsupported version, you will see error 7023 in your log files.

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