CA Recorder 2.2.5

The CA Recorder allows you to interactively record and create Real Browser monitoring scripts.

For more information see the Real Browser Monitoring feature page.

Download: CARecorderInstaller-2.2.5.exe
MD5: c28adea471320a3b67d3de87d10a6c62

On Premise Monitoring Station 10.1.2

To monitor internal servers not publicly accessible from the Internet you can install On Premise Monitoring stations on your network and configure your monitors to use them instead of the public checkpoints.

For more information please see the On Premise Monitoring Station documentation and the On Premise Management page.

Download: asm-opms-10.1.2.bin
MD5: 79c60dbf73453b40c31bf499309a7089

Apache JMeter

CA App Synthetic Monitor uses custom versions of Apache JMeter to provide advanced metrics not available in the original version. You can download these enhanced versions and use them to create and test your scripts before uploading them to CA App Synthetic Monitor.

For more information please see the documentation.

MD5: 947fa04fc6ef45fae99875ab1b7a5ea2
MD5: 1a2ff36dbc436783e3f1c6912bf75eb3
MD5: 0311743c8306231e53b159d1a956f30a

Public Status Pages Templates

These templates can be used to create a custom design for Public Status Pages.

For more information please refer to the Public Status Pages documentation.

MD5: 2da27a7b85364da1b0cffea43a724005